GalaxyJet Waterproof Bulb 380W Beam Moving Head Light with Flight Case 8+16 Prism for Outdoor Cultural Tourism Night Sightseeing
GalaxyJet Waterproof Bulb 380W Beam Moving Head Light with Flight Case 8+16 Prism for Outdoor Cultural Tourism Night Sightseeing

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GalaxyJet Waterproof Bulb 380W Beam Moving Head Light with Flight Case 8+16 Prism for Outdoor Cultural Tourism Night Sightseeing

Original price was: $1,129.00.Current price is: $1,016.10.

  • Occasion: Professional Stage & DJ
  • Style: DMX Stage Light
  • Brand Name: GalaxyJet
  • Certification: CE, EAC, FCC, RoHS, UL, weee
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Stage Lighting Effect
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GalaxyJet Waterproof Bulb 380W Beam Moving Head Light with Flight Case 8+16 Prism for Outdoor Cultural Tourism Night Sightseeing.



Waterproof IP65 380W beam shake headlamp, equipped with a 380W light engine,

with high output and a high display switching mode,

Pure color and extremely high color reproduction.

Rich color and pattern plates, excellent dynamic wheel, and prism effects.

Combined with various strobe speeds, creates a colorful and ever-changing visual effect.

Waterproof grade up to IP65, available for 24/7 use.

It is very suitable for outdoor cultural tourism, night sightseeing, and radio theaters.

and other large-scale performance venues, and is a professional “rain dancer” born for various performance activities.


Product Features

Flexibly shaping uniform and colorful pattern effects, effortlessly showcasing exciting and colorful illusion lighting effects.

Uniform color mixing and excellent color reproduction can create a dazzling stage light and shadow visual experience.

Improve the level of stage performance in all aspects, providing high-quality choices.

for various professional performance venues such as concerts, bars, evening parties, roadshows, etc.


Technical Parameter

-Electrical specification and connections

Power supply:

450W-380V+12V+36V Electronic auto-ranging

Input voltage range:

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power in connector:

Neutrik powerCON


Light source type:

380W Bulb

Color temperature output:


10m/20m Beam Illuminance:

475000lux @ 10m/ 125500 lux @20m

10m/20m frost Illuminance:

5300 lux@10m / 1300 lux @20m

Life expectancy:

min. 1500 hours

-Optical system

Beam angle:

Beam 1.8°- Frost 9.5°


Mechanical shutter

Lens diameter:


-Dynamic Effects and Features

Color wheel :

14fixed dichroic colours + white

Static gobo wheel:

17static gobos + open


8-facet prism rotating in both directions at variable speed

Prism 2:

24-facet prism rotating in both directions at variable speed


Fast change frosts for instant softening of the projected gobo or framing shutters

Rainbow wheel:

6 colors

-Control and programming



DMX Channel Mode:

19 CH;


Auto mode, Sound mode, Manual programming scenarios

-Mechanical specification

Housing :

High temperature resistant and flame retardant plastic housing

Product size:

39 x 30 x 60 cm / 15.35x 11.81 x 23.62 inch

Product weight:

21.96 kg

Package size:

77 x 52 x 75 cm / 30.3 x 20.4 x 29.5 inch

Package Weight:


Operating temperature:


Ingress protection rating:




Beam angle

1.8 ° beam angle – linear focusing


Effect Show

Colors Effect


Prism Effect Display

Bright And Colorful


Frost Effect Display

Rendering the Stage Atmosphere


Beam Effect

Uniform and colorful pattern effects with uniform light spots


Function Introduction

DMX512 signal/power cord interface


Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each process undergoes strict verification

Every part is carefully selected


155mm Optical Coated Large Lens

A more powerful and spectacular beam of light,

The pattern is clearer and more natural, New Process Technology for Colorful Coating


All Weather Protective Beam Light

All weather protective beam light, waterproof power connectors input/output, can be used outdoors all year round.

The carefully designed heat dissipation performance ensures the waterproofing and heat dissipation of high-power light bulbs,

ensuring the lifespan and smooth operation of the lamps.


Heat Dissipation Performance

Not afraid of the erosion of scorching sun, smoke, wind, and rain, standing firm 24/7,

very suitable for outdoor performances, theme parks, sports venues,

landscape lighting and many other activity venues,

creating a colorful beam effect for the night sky!


Outdoor Performance

The lighting fixtures adopt an IP 65-grade waterproof design to ensure normal use during rainy performances.


Control Program

Remote setting of the DMX channel address code


Introduction to Panel Functions

Contains multiple interactive function programs to visually display the operating status and mode of the lighting fixtures,

Built-in lamp operation status sensing and monitoring system,

which can check the operation status of the lamp at any time for easy parameter adjustment


Suspension Installation Structure

Integrated folding hook with reserved safety rope position


Carefully Select Excellent Accessories


Packing List

Each process undergoes strict verification

Every part is carefully selected


New Plastic Material Flight Case
1. Plastic boxes are more sturdy and wear-resistant;
2. Better waterproof and airtightness;

Equipped with silent 360-degree wheels + brake lockers
Note: This is a DIY service, please consult customer service for details!


Qualification Certificate

International Organizations Authority certification



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