K-1000C LED Controller SD Card 2048 Pixels for LED Strip Lights
K-1000C LED Controller SD Card 2048 Pixels for LED Strip Lights


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K-1000C LED Controller SD Card 2048 Pixels for LED Strip Lights

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  • Material: ‎Metal
  • Light Color: ‎RGB
  • Voltage: ‎5 Volts
  • Number of Light Sources: ‎2048
  • Control Method: SD card programmable
  • Software: LEDEdit 2014
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K-1000C LED Controller (T-1000S Updated) WS2812B, WS2815, SK6812, WS2811, and WS2801 LED Strip LED Matrix LED String 2048 Pixels Controller DC5-24V Addressable Programmable Controller with SD Card.

About K-1000C LED Controller

A professional K-1000C controller is an upgrade of T-1000S: It supports all the smart ICs on the market. Including WS2812B, WS2811, WS2813, SK9822, SK6812RGBW, APA102C, WS2801, etc. All the dual-data led chips, data, and clock led chips, and single-data led chips It is suitable for engineering projects or customers’ DIY projects. Support SD card 128MB–32GB. Install LEDEDIT software on your Windows computer. Cannot work with Mac.

Great for DIY Projects: It supports LED strips, LED matrix panels, special shapes, and different data direction projects. Various special lighting effects like fireworks, chasing, rainbows, scrolling text, single color, full color, running, etc. There is a lighting effect library in the LEDEdit software. You can also use some videos or pictures as your lighting effect library.

Cascade Synchronization: There is one port on it; it can support 2048 pixels (DMX LED 512 pixels). Cascade synchronization is for large-pixel projects. We can cascade many controllers. There are two types of controllers: K4000C, which can control 4000 pixels, and K8000C, which can control 8000 pixels. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Refresh Rate: 512 pixels (30 frames/second), 1024 point pixels (25 frames/second), and 2048 pixels (15 frames/second). Max control: WS2812B, 2048 pixels. Usually, we recommend 1000–1500 pixels. More pixels will decrease the speed of data transmission.

This is the detailed teaching video for this controller. Please copy the link from the bullet point. You can also look for detailed teaching videos for the K-1000C LED Controller on YouTube.

This is the detailed teaching video for this controller. Please copy the link from the bullet point. You can also look for detailed teaching videos for the K-1000C LED Controller on YouTube.

That video is divided into four parts. If you are a beginner, please watch all of them before you buy them.

  • Part 1: We teach you how to connect the power supply, the controller, and the LED strip. It is also used to check the connection before you create a file for the project.
  • Part 2: We will teach you how to program a lighting effect for your WS2812B 16×16 LED matrix panel. It is the same way to program a file for other addressable panels.
  • Part 3: We'll show you how to create a lighting effect with a WS2812B LED strip. When you learn this, you can program a lighting effect for all the smart IC LED strips.
  • Part 4: We'll show you how to connect two K-1000C LED controllers to control a 3000-pixel panel project. We call it cascade synchronization.

Note :

  1. There is a user manual and LEDEdit 2014 software on the SD card. If it doesn't, we can send it to you.
  2. Search YouTube for detailed teaching videos for the K-1000C to learn how to use and program it.
  3. Format the SD Card:

SD Card: 2GB, FAT, default settings

GS for allocation unit size

SD Card > 2GB, FAT 32, default settings for allocation unit size

If you need so many SD cards, we can also send them to you from China. It is also very cheap.


  • 1x K-1000C controller
  • 1 x SD card (256 MB)
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x e-file of the user manual (on the SD card)
  • 1x LedEdit 2019 software (SD card)

K-1000C Computer Programmable Controller with SD Card WS2812B WS2815 SK6812 SK9822 Led Lights 2048 Pixels Controller

K-1000C(T-1000S Updated) WS2812B WS2815 SK6812 WS2811 WS2801 LED Strip LED Matrix LED String 1536 Pixels Controller DC5-24V Addressable Programmable Controller with SD Card

K 1000C pixel LED Controller Tutorial

K-1000C (T-1000S Updated) Program LED controller

k-1000c controller software download

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions13 × 10 × 2.5 cm

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  2. Avatar of Jeremiah Adams

    Jeremiah Adams

    Review of K-1000C LED Controller

    Overall, this is bulky as far as LED controllers go. It is a very large unit that can handle a very large number of pixels (2048). I wouldn’t recommend you use this on some small LED matrix or any small LED project in that manner. However, it is a great option for controlling large projects, as these units can be chained together and operated under one program. Instructions are fine if you are using WS2812 LEDs. If you are using other kinds of lights, there is a lot of research and problem-solving involved, but it’s nowhere near impossible. Quality: The box is very well built with a metal frame; the buttons and display are nice; the SD card is reasonably sized for large programs; there are removable screw terminals; and there is no small flathead included. Ease of Use: So the advantage of a controller like this one is the software that it comes with. Writing a cool LED effect or show is far easier to learn and create using the software than coding. The software is pretty simple to use, and there is an included instructional video that runs through using it very thoroughly. One issue with it, though, is that it mainly teaches how to set up WS2812 LED settings, which, even though it’s common, is a small percentage of available compatible LEDs. I wouldn’t consider it too hard to figure out how to use other types, but it’s a time investment. Regarding the actual box, its cycle functions are very straightforward, and the included instructions do a great job of getting you familiar with them. Wiring is also extremely easy to do with removable screw terminals and plenty of well-illustrated wiring diagrams. Overall, I would say that this controller is a very safe bet for someone who knows a few things about LEDs. It won’t just plug in right out of the box; it has a learning curve. In terms of what it can do, it depends on what you can think of.

    K-1000C LED Controller SD Card 2048 Pixels for LED Strip Lights
    K-1000C LED Controller SD Card 2048 Pixels for LED Strip Lights
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