LED Motion Drape Facade: 242 LEDs with App/Art-Net Control for DJ Booth
LED Motion Drape Facade: 242 LEDs with App/Art-Net Control for DJ Booth



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LED Motion Drape Facade: 242 LEDs with App/Art-Net Control for DJ Booth


  • Color: Black
  • Brand: KHXED
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
  • Special Features: 242 LEDs, APP Control, Art-Net
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Light Color: Multicolor
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Plastic
  • Controller Type: App Control
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LED Motion Drape Facade 3.3ft x 6.9ft Pitch 90mm 242 LEDs with App/Art-Net Control for DJ Booth and DJ Stand

About LED Motion Drape Facade

  • 3.3 x 6.9 ft (1 x 2.1 m) LED Motion Facade with motion graphics replaces conventional front boards with 242 pieces of new high-output tri-color SMD LEDs.
  • A mobile app controls the attached controller and can customize multiple effects, like multiple multi-color dynamic modes, texts, and a music equalizer.
  • Support for real-time preview on LED Motion Facade can record the current scene to the controller storage space and can create a scene program list. c
  • The attached controller is compatible with a variety of Art-Net protocol-based upper computer software.
  • Attach directly to your DJ booth or rack using a reusable cable tie.
  • It comes with a controller, power supply, power cord, reusable cable tie, spare LEDs, manual, and video tutorials.
  • Great for nightclub DJs, mobile DJs, banquet catering, parties, trade shows, stages, weddings, bands, clubs, and corporate events.

What's in the box?

  • LED Drape
  • Power Supply
  • LED Controller

LED Motion Drape Facade Pixel Pitch: 9 cm, 1×2.1 meters

LED Motion Drape Facade

  • The KHXED LED Motion Drape Facade with Motion Graphics is a perfect stage light product for DJ booths and DJ stands.
  • 242 pieces of new high-output tri-color SMD LEDs with full RGB color mixing capability to match your event's color scheme.
  • Create your patterns, animations, logos, texts, and scene lists via the free mobile app.
  • APP Real-time Play or record the scenes on the controller and play them without the app.
  • Artnet Mode is Compatible with multiple software like JinX (free software), Madrix (paid software), and
  • Resolution Arena (paid software).
  • Come with a video tutorial.

Art-net Mode (Comes with Video Tutorial)

JinX Control the LED Motion Drape Facade

JinX Controls the LED Motion Drape Facade

Madrix Controls the LED Motion Drape Facade

Madrix Controls the LED Motion Drape Facade

Resolume Arena: Control the LED Motion Drape Facade

Resolume Arena: Control the LED Motion Drape Facade

LED Motion Drape for DJ Booth and DJ Stand

LED Motion Drape for DJ Booth and DJ Stand

  • Grommets for Easy Truss Mounting and Various Stand Applications.
  • It's a very light and compact DJ light for transport. It takes only one person a few minutes to put up and take down.
  • It's a great DJ light, band light, club light, church light, and stage light.

Package includes:

  • LED Motion Drape Facade: 1 pcs
  • Controller: 1 pcs Main Controller + 1 pcs Power Adapter
  • Power Supply: 1 pcs Power supply + 1 pcs power cord
  • LED Lamp: 5 pcs RGB LED lamps (spare parts)
  • Resuable Zip Ties: 20 pcs
  • User manual: 1 pcs


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