SK6812 RGBW LED Strip Light, 4 in 1; similar to WS2812B 1m 4m 5m 30 60 144 LEDs Individual Addressable RGBWW LED Lights IP30 65 67 5V
SK6812 RGBW LED Strip Light, 4 in 1; similar to WS2812B 1m 4m 5m 30 60 144 LEDs Individual Addressable RGBWW LED Lights IP30 65 67 5V

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SK6812 RGBW LED Strip Light, 4 in 1; similar to WS2812B 1m 4m 5m 30 60 144 LEDs Individual Addressable RGBWW LED Lights IP30 65 67 5V

Original price was: $7.95.Current price is: $5.80.

  • Rgbic vs. Rgb, Wireless Bluetooth, and Individual Addressable LEDs: Every LED on the strip is individually addressable, offering precise control and customizable lighting effects.
  • Waterproof Options: Choose from IP30, IP65, or IP67 waterproof grades, ensuring your LED strip withstands various environments.
  • Versatile Color Temperature: Select from 6000–6500K, 4000–4500K, or 2700–3000K color temperatures to match your ambiance.
  • High-Efficiency LEDs: With 30, 60, or 144 LEDs per meter, this strip offers efficient lighting with a power consumption of 9W to 43.2W.
  • Easy Installation: It comes with self-adhesive tape for easy installation, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.
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SK6812 RGBW LED Strip Light, 4 in 1; similar to WS2812B 1m 4m 5m 30 60 144 LEDs Individual Addressable RGBWW LED Lights IP30 65 67 5V.

Please Pay Attention:

1. Only the LED strip is included in the price, not the power supply or pixel controller.
2. SK6812 RGBW Must Use a DC5V Power Supply and Pixels Controller to Control.
3. Every 0.5 meter with solder joints is very normal in an electronic product; it's not a quality problem.
4. The SK6812 RGBW LED strip can be cut between each LED to create custom lengths; do not bend the LED strip sharply.
5. The 3-pin SM connectors of the LED strip are included: Red: VCC; white: GND; green: DATA.
6. On the back of the PCB, the LED strip has adhesive tape (except for IP67). Please make sure the installation surfaces are smooth, clean, and dry.
7. To reduce voltage drop during longer LED strip runs, please add more power to the 2-pin power wire on both ends.

How to Choose LED Power Supply and Pixels Controller?

First, I calculated the whole LED strip light wattage.
One LED chip is about 0.3W. If you buy 5m 60 LEDs per m (the total LED strip is 300 LEDs), then 0.3W*300=90W.
Then, choose the right LED power supply.
This LED strip works with DC5V power, so 90W/5V = 18A (at least 18A or more).
Finally, choose the right pixel controller you like.
The SK6812 RGBW LED Strip is controlled by a Double Data Line Pixels Controller.
So you could choose them from our store; we have IR Remote+Bluetooth APP SP617E, Bluetooth APP SP630E, WiFi APP SP530E, and Computer Controller, etc. (If you can't recognize them, feel free to contact us; we will be glad to help you.).


  • 30, 60, 144: 30 l/m, 60 l/m, 144 l/m.
  • IP30: non-waterproof.
  • IP65: Waterproof in Silicon Coating.
  • IP67: Waterproof in Silicon Tube.
  • (RGBCW 6000–6500K; RGBWW 2700–3000K; RGBNW 4000–4500K).
  • LED source: 5050SMD RGBW built-in SK6812 chipset.
  • Voltage(DC): DC5V.
  • Power: 144LEDs/meter ——- 43.2W/meter.
  • 60LEDs/meter ——— 18W/meter.
  • 30LEDs/meter ——— 9W/meter.
  • LED type: SMD5050.
  • IC type: SK6812 RGBW.
  • LED/per meter: 30, 60, 144 LEDs/meter (each LED is separately controlled).
  • IC/per meter: 30, 60, 144 IC/meter (1 IC drives 1 LED chip).
  • Pixels per meter: 30, 60, 144 pixels per meter.
  • Grey Grade: 256.
  • Color: RGBW (WW 2700–3000K; CW 6000–6500K; NW 4000–4500K).
  • The PCB is available in white or black.
  • Waterproof Grade:IP30—–NON-Waterproof, IP65-Epoxy, IP67-silicone tube.
  • IP30, IP65, There is self-adhesive tape on the backside. You can install it easily.


  • It is suitable for automobile and bicycle decoration, as well as border or contour lighting.
  • Widely used for home decoration in hotels, clubs, and shopping malls.
  • Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting.
  • Extensively applied in backlighting, concealed lighting, and channel letter lighting.
  • Emergency and security lighting, advertisement sign lighting.
  • Decorative lights for holidays, events, shows, and exhibitions.


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