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Jinx Software Download With Jinx Scripts

The official release of the new Jinx software is the latest version. The new version introduces a new effect generator: raindrops. It's a water ripple effect that may give you some cool pictures.

The scrolling text effect has also been improved, allowing you to use 380 characters instead of 254, and the perspective transform is now available in all four directions. You can further use the last line of a file if you import the scrolling text in real-time, as well as make cool time-driven countdowns with the new $COUNT variable inside the Scrolling Text Generator.

Some random color options were implemented into the falling rain and expanded shape effects, including a primary color switch. To round out the effect changes, we now have a new release and fade time option within the strobe effect. Just look at the new demo scenes (Cool Drops, Liquid Color Wars, Audio Color Drops, and Strobe Analyzer) to see what can be done with the new features.

The GUI skins have also had some modifications made to them. We can now use background images in the skins because the skin files are now stored in the skin directory of your Jinx installation. You may want to take a look at this feature because I added some new skins. The matrix areas will be affected by another small but useful modification. You can directly view any active settings if any region is active since the region button will stay pressed.

The region preview on the matrix when adjusting is now switchable and will stay off by default setting; it will also just halt the corresponding effect generator rather than all of them. Therefore, without flashing your audience on the matrix, you may adjust the regions while your show is running.

For more information on how the new features work, kindly take a look at the manual.

Changelog in Jinx Software:

  • Implement the raindrop/water ripple effect with random colors and an audio trigger.
  • implement the primary color option for random colors into fading pixels.
  • Use random colors to create expanding shapes and falling rain.
  • Implement directions for perspective and transform inside scrolling text.
  • Make the text from the file within the scrolling text switchable between the first and last lines of the file.
  • Increase the maximum number of scrolling text characters from 254 to 380.
  • implement the countdown function $COUNT into scrolling text.
  • Add release or fade time to the strobe effect.
  • Make the matrix's region preview toggleable, with the default setting of “off.”
  • Instead of stopping all generators, only the corresponding generator on the region setting is stopped.
  • Make region buttons switchable and make them stay pressed if the region is active.
  • Incorporate the left/right flip and the top/bottom flip into the DVI window.
  • To name a Jinx instance in the title bar, add the instance tag to the GUI options.
  • Make color schemes to support background images.
  • Add additional color schemes.
  • Change the main, scene, and chaser window calculations to correctly place the controls on Windows 10.
  • To avoid interference from large matrices and slow computers, synchronize all generators and output processing.
  • Fix the image viewer to take care of transparent gifs and PNG files with an alpha channel.
  • optimize audio processing.
  • redesign the program icon.
  • change the codesign certificate (see earlier today's special post).

Jinx Software Scripts

In this section, I'll publish a list of the Jinx! script effects that have been implemented.

For additional information on the effects and configuration options, please look within the scripts.

Trees, Ants, Game of Life, Sliding Dots, Ribbons, Plaid, Life Particles, Dot Scale, Swirl 2, Snow, Rainbow Squiggle, Line Bounce, Evaporation, Particles, Dots & Rings, Circle Spawn, Circle Size, Candy Canes V3, Snow Flakes, Bouncing Squares, and Swirl.

Pixel LED Effects Download Pack - 7000 Effects for LEDEdit, NeonPlay, Jinx, Madrix, and More

Pixel LED Effects Download Pack: 7000 Effects

  • Files: 7000+
  • Size: 25 GB
  • Formats: SWF, TOL, AVI, MP4, and GIF

Download Jinx Software

Here you can get the latest Jinx software version:

Jinx Software Screens

Jinx! V2.4 – A new generator and a lot of improvements
jinx software download free
jinx led software download
Jinx led software file for the ideafablabs ceiling

Jinx Software FAQ

I want to use Jinx! On Linux, Mac OS X, or any other non-Windows system, is it possible?

No, Jinx! is a native Windows application and depends directly on the Win32 API without any cross-platform framework in between. It also uses some specific Windows functions, like GDI(+) and VfW, so there will be no port available for any other system.

Can I use an IP-based webcam with the Capture Webcam Engine?

The Capture Webcam engine will use WDDM or DirectShow-based devices, which normally means a locally connected (USB) webcam. If your IP camera can produce a jpeg (most cameras can do this), you can use a small and free direct show filter written by Roman Ryltsov to turn your IP device into a direct show device. You will get more information and the download option on Roman Ryltsov's blog:

Why do the audio-based effects not work for me?

Jinx! will record the default capturing device, which is activated within your Windows installation. You can control this inside the sound/audio options in the Windows control panel. If your audio source is on the same PC (e.g., you are playing your music with Winamp, Media Player, or whatever on the same PC), you have to activate a loopback on your sound card to capture the master out. Not every soundcard (driver) has such an option; if your sound card doesn't support this, you'll have to use additional software like VB-Cable (

I discovered a bug, had a brilliant idea, or am missing a feature…So, what can I do?

Whatever you want to tell me, please contact me via email or the message board. I’m always happy to get some feedback, and I’m always open to new ideas and thoughts. But please do me a favor and try to contact me in English if you don't speak German. Don't try to translate your mother tongue into German with the help of online translators; mostly the result is so crappy that I am not able to understand it.

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We hope you find this tutorial useful. Thanks for reading.

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