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K-8000C LED Controller 8 Ports 8192 Pixels for LED Strip Lights



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K-8000C LED Controller 8 Ports 8192 Pixels for LED Strip Lights

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  • Max. LEDs: 8192 LEDs
  • Working voltage: DC5V or DC 12–24V
  • Working temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Working power: 5 W
  • Memory card type: SD card
  • Memory card capacity: 128 MB to 2 GB
  • Memory card format: FAT
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981 in stock

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K-8000C LED Controller SD Card 8 Ports 8192 Pixels for LED Strip Lights, Off-Line; DC5-24V

K-8000C LED Controller System Features:

  1. Program software: LEDEdit, LEDEdit-K
  2. 32 to 65536 degree gray control, Gamma correction procession handle
  3. Support various points, a line light source, all kinds of rules, and a specific-shaped handle.
  4. The controller has eight ports for output; each port can support up to 512/1024 lights (DMX lights can support up to 512 pixels).
  5. The playback content stored on the SD card can store up to 32 files; the SD card's capacity supports 128 MB–32 GB.
  6. The controller can be used as a single set, or multiple controllers can cascade in optical isolation mode to reduce interference and improve stability. The cascade distance between two controllers can reach up to 150 meters, and you need to use a 0.5 M2 pure copper power cord.
  7. The controller support chip can lock the support IC in software or not lock the support IC in software; select the support IC through the controller CHIP button. This scheme is more flexible and convenient.
  8. For the DMX lighting IC, the controller comes with a write address function. In addition, with the use of our 2023 LedEdit-K V9.4 or later edition, you can make one key write address function setting.
  9. Support load lamp is 4 channels (RGBW) pixels, or split into single channel point pixels.
  10. Enhanced 485 TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signal output
  11. The controller comes with the test effects, which are as follows: 1 red, green, blue, and black jump; 2 red, green, blue, and black gradient; 3 red, green, blue, and go.

Notes About K-8000C LED Controller:

  • The controller load lamps have 512 points per pixel, whose speed can reach up to 30 frames per second; 768 points per pixel, whose speed can reach up to 25 frames per second; and 1024 points per pixel, whose speed is about 22 frames per second (the above parameter is an example of a 1903 agreement IC; different ICs have different speeds).
  • International standard DMX512 (1990 agreement) maximum support is 512 pixels. When the load is international standard 170 pixels, the speed can reach up to 30 frames per second; 340 pixels speed is about 20 frames per second; and 512 pixels speed is about 12 frames per second.
  • Timing (holidays) Play Global Wireless GPS synchronization and control station channel distributors: please contact the salesman or technical support staff for more information.

K-8000 LED pixel SD card controller;off-line;8192 pixels controlled;SPI signal output;DMX signal output

Support chips for K-8000C LED Controller:

  1. UCS1903, 1909, 1912, 2903, 2904, 2909, 2912; TM1803, 1804, 1809, 1812; SM16703, 16709, 16712; WS2811; INK1003; LX3203, 1603, 1103; GS8205, 8206; SK6812 (supports up to 1024*8 = 8192 pixels)
  2. SM16716, 16726 (supports up to 1024* 8 = 8192 pixels)
  3. P9813 (supports up to 1024*8 = 8192 pixels)
  4. LPD6803 (supports up to 1024* 8 = 8192 pixels)
  5. LX1003, 1203 (supports up to 1024* 8 = 8192 pixels)
  6. WS2801 (supports up to 1024* 8 = 8192 pixels)
  7. LPD1886 (supports up to 1024* 8 = 8192 pixels)
  8. TM1913 (supports up to 1024*8 = 8192 pixels)
  9. TM1914 (supports up to 1024* 8 = 8192 pixels)
  10. P9883, P9823 (support up to 1024*8 = 8192 pixels)
  11. DMX (support up to 512*8 = 4096 pixels; suggest supporting 320*8 = 2560 pixels)
  12. DMX 500K (support up to 512*8 = 4096 pixels; suggest supporting 320*8 = 2560 pixels)
  13. DMX 250K-CZF (Support up to 512*8 = 4096 pixels; suggest supporting 320*8 = 2560 pixels)
  14. DMX 250K-CZF (Support up to 512*8 = 4096 pixels; suggest supporting 320*8 = 2560 pixels)


  • If the lights support RGBW 4 channels, choose K-8000-RGBW.
  • If you support single-channel lighting, choose K-8000-W. At this time, one channel means one pixel, and the software effect makes white lighting.

Application Method:

K-8000C Controller LED Pixel SPI Off-line DC5V-24V 12V Programmable DMX SD Card For WS2811 WS2812 RGB Full Color LED Pixel Light

Packaging Information for K-8000C LED Controller:

  • Controller: 1 set
  • SD card: 1 pcs
  • Power converter: 1 pcs
  • Screwdriver: 1pcs
  • Packing material: carton

K-8000C controller LED pixel SPI offline DC5V-24V 12V programmable DMX SD card suitable for WS2811 WS2812 RGB full color LED pixel light


Packaging Information for K-8000C

Weight0.8 kg

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    The K-8000C LED controller arrived very quickly and was packaged well. The item is of good quality and at a great price. I would gladly repurchase it. Thank you!

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