WS2814 DC12V 24V LED Strip Light 4 in 1 Similar SK6812 RGBW Pixels Addressable WS2811 RGBWW RGBCW 5050 3 Pin LED Lights IP30 67
WS2814 DC12V 24V LED Strip Light 4 in 1 Similar SK6812 RGBW Pixels Addressable WS2811 RGBWW RGBCW 5050 3 Pin LED Lights IP30 67

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WS2814 DC12V 24V LED Strip Light 4 in 1 Similar SK6812 RGBW Pixels Addressable WS2811 RGBWW RGBCW 5050 3 Pin LED Lights IP30 67

Original price was: $31.65.Current price is: $15.19.

  • Excellent product: The LED strip light is made of high-quality materials that can be used for a long time. It is very suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Installation and operation: The LED strip light is simple to install and remove. Just plug it into a USB port, then connect the power cable or other devices.
  • Super bright LEDs: These LED strip lights are extremely bright and have a significant impact on the environment. perfect for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.
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WS2814 DC12V 24V LED Strip Light 4 in 1 Similar SK6812 RGBW Pixels Addressable WS2811 RGBWW RGBCW 5050 3 Pin LED Lights IP30 67.



  • The price includes only the LED strip, not the power supply or controller!
  • To control the WS2814, you must use a DC12V or DC24V power supply and a Pixels Controller!
  • Every 0.5 meter with solder joints, please note!


1. Working Voltage: DC12V/DC24V.
2. LED Source: SMD 5050 RGBW.
3. LED QTY: 30/60 LED/M.
4. IC QTY: DC12V 30LEDs/M, DC24V 60LEDs/M have 10 pieces IC/M. The DC12V 60 LEDs/M are made up of 20 IC/M pieces.
5. Power: R+G+B=mixed white 0.3W/LED, pure white: 0.1W/LED.
6. Grey Scale: 256/CColor.
7. Cutability: DC12V 30LEDs/M, DC24V 60LEDs/M, 10cm can be cut. DC12V 60LEDs/M, 5cm can be cut.
8. Beam Angle: 120 °.
9. Dimensions: 5000mm x 10mm x 2.4mm.
10. Packaging: 5m/roll, 12V or 24V WS2814 RGBW Strip + 3pin SM Connector.
11. Protection grade: IP30 (not waterproof), for indoor use. IP67-Silicone tube, needs to reseal after cut, outdoor use.

Easy installation, good flexibility, and arbitrary bends.
Dream color lighting, Match use SP617E/SP630E/SP634E Bluetooth controller can appear colorful curtain-up, flow water, raindrop, jump flash, and so on hundreds of lighting effects.
You can also edit animation effects with Coreldraw, Flash, and LEDEdit software.

Addressable WS2814 RGBW IC: WS2814 RGB+Pure White, 16.4FT/5m. Addressable groups of 3 or 6 LEDs. One WS2814 IC controls three or six LEDs. Dream in full color. Programmable LED Strip. 5050 SMD. 256-bit brightness display and 24-bit color display. Every 3 or 6 LEDs can be cut off without damaging the rest strip. You can shorten, lengthen, or bend it freely if you want.
Chasing RGB+W lighting effects Advantages of pure white: the presence of pure white can make the project more perfect, and it is more energy-efficient. Less heat consumption. With this product, you can light up addressable RGB rainbow colors, pure white light chasing, or pure white static effects. The voltage drop problem at the tail of all white light strips can be solved. It is the perfect upgrade to WS2812B RGB or WS2811 RGB.
Fan and economical LED strip project. It works great with the SP617E, SP630E, and SP634E Bluetooth controllers. You can light up a single pure white light, and the LED strip is more energy-efficient, extending the LED strip's life. R+G+B=mixed white 0.3W/LED. Pure White: 0.1W/LED. 1 color (red, green, blue, or pure white) 0.1W/LED. 2 colors (red+green) 0.2W/LED, 3 colors (red+green+blue=mixed white) 0.3W/LED.
Chain-able design. It comes with 3-pin JST-SM connectors on both ends. You can continue to extend or cut both ends.
Differences between WS2814RGBW, SK6812RGBW, and WS2812B. WS2814: DC12V, 24V One IC drives three or six RGB+W LEDs. SK6812RGBW: DC5V One IC drives one LED (RGB+W). WS2812B: DC5V One IC drives a single LED RGB. Similarities: 5050SMD, addressable, 3-pin JST connector.
LED screens, LED walls, and advertising boards are used in hotels, KTV, bars, outdoor advertising signs, festive Christmas decorations, and wedding party decorations. IP30 and IP65 have double-sided tape on the back, so you can stick it to the wall or other items as conveniently as you like. To make the IP67 waterproof, use screws and clips; there is no double-sided tape on the IP67 back. Please take note of the LED strip's color order and the applicable power supply (do not use a DC5V power supply to power it).
Package contents: 1x 16.4FT/5m WS2814 RGBW LED Strip, 1x 3 pin male JST connector. The power supply and controller need to be purchased separately.


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