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Fix Class Not Registered on LEDEdit: Final Solution

Hello to everyone. In this blog post, we learn how to apply the final solution to remove the error Class Not Registered while running LEDEdit 2014 on Windows 10 (updated).

To have better performance, many users have updated their computers. Then they have a problem with LEDEdit 2014, and it is written on the screen that the Class Not Registered on LEDEdit. What happened to his data? because of the newly installed Adobe Flash Player in the window?

Steps to Fix Class Not Registered on LEDEdit

Step 1: Go to “Control Panel” and click “Uninstall” to uninstall the old default “Adobe Flash Player” from Windows.

Step 2: Download the file below the article to solve the problem of classes not registered in LEDEdit 2014.

Step 3: After completion of the download, you can run the setup, and a file is created in the download folder. After that, right-click the icon and click “Extract Here“.

Extract repair LEDEdit 2014

Step 4: Following the extraction of the file, two programs appear on the screen. First, click on the first program. After that, click on the second program to install. You will have to restart your PC.

install files on repair LEDEdit 2014 folder

Step 5: When you open LEDEdit 2014, you can see all LEDEdit effects are running properly.

LEDEdit Class not Registered Error Fix

NOTE: If there is a problem while downloading and your computer has Windows Defender, Firewall, or any other antivirus software, then stop it.


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Tutorial on YouTube

Download LEDEdit Effects

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We hope you find this tutorial useful. Thanks for reading.

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