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LEDEdit 2024 Software Download and How to Install

LEDEdit 2024 Software is a new effect editing software, newly developed by our company in 2024. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win10. It is also perfectly integrated with mainstream design software like AutoCAD, CoreIDAW, and Flash for LED lighting design. Provides a powerful and convenient design program.

The LED lighting design method provided by our company is to use the “automatic connection function” that comes with the software, either AutoCAD or CoreIDAW, to arrange lamps and connections (the automatic connection function is the first successfully developed by our company with the ability to automatically identify and other points), use flash animation design software to design the lighting change effect, and finally use LedEdit-K software to integrate the production LED lighting control data to achieve actual lighting changes.

LEDEdit is one of the best programs for programming LED pixel strings and strips. Download the latest version of LEDEdit 2024, which is “LEDEdit 2024 V10.1.” It can be updated to the latest version constantly. Continue programming the pixel LEDs.

Types of Pixel LED controllers supported by LEDEdit 2024

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 Controller Types

LEDEdit 2024 software features:

LEDEdit 2024 v10.0 Features:

  • Added the function of extending IP.
  • Added UCS7604, UCS7604_FAST, UCS7804, WS2818_NEW chips.

LEDEdit 2024 v10.1 Features:

  • Added remote management functionality.

LEDEdit 2024 v10.2 Features:

  • Optimization: Optimized the function of online coding for sub-controls.
  • Optimization: Optimized the layout size to be changed to 59999*59999 when importing lighting diagrams.
  • Adapted to the K series controller, select UCS7604, UCS7804, and WS2818_NEW chip options.

LEDEdit 2024 v10.3 Features:

  • Added: The timing function adds the options of timing by date interval (including time period) and timing by week (multiple selection).

How to Install LEDEdit 2024 V10.1

Download LEDEdit 2024 from the link at the bottom of this page.

Right-click the compressed package, unzip the file “LEDEdit 2024 V10.1.rar“,  and generate a software folder.

Double-click on the “LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 Setup.exe” setup file.

Click on “Next” in the first setup window.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Setup Welcome Window

Click on “Browse” and select an installation path. If you want to install LEDEdit 2024 in a different location, then press the “Next” button.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Setup Installation Location

Click on “Next” in the next window.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Setup Selecting Start Menu location

Check the boxes if you want to create shortcuts. Click on “Next“.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Creating Shortcuts

Check the previous settings and click “Install“.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Setup Summary

Software installation: Please wait for the progress bar to complete.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - The progress bar

Once installed, click “Finish“.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Setup finish window

If the permissions window shown above appears, check the boxes as you wish and click on “Allow Access“. This permission will be used to update LEDEdit software and network control. It's your choice.

When the LEDEdit software starts, this pop-up dialogue will appear. It asks you, “Do you wish to update?” To update, click on the right side button; to cancel, click on the left side button. If you choose not to update LEDEdit, version 8.7 will be installed on your system.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - update pop-up window

To start the new updated version of the LEDEdit software, click “Yes“.

LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Software installation
LEDEdit 2024 V10.1 - Update completed

Tutorial on YouTube

Download LEDEdit Effects

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We hope you find this tutorial useful. Thanks for reading.

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